Month: March 2013

1) Timeliness. The sooner a customer lets us know they have a problem the better. I get quite a few calls about audio/visual issues and many times they have existed for a while. This situation can risk the customer losing out on a warranty period and can result in costing the customer a great deal of money as a result. In addition the sooner you call the sooner we can respond to your service needs. Continue reading

In today’s business climate, decisions to invest in technology should not be made lightly. Every dollar spent needs to be scrutinized because the company will live with that investment for the next three to five years. If the technology is replaced earlier than that, guess what? It was probably a bad investment. These bad investments can be made in the wrong technology, from the wrong manufacturer, with the wrong software, that provides the wrong customer experience. That is why intelligent organizations need to make their investments with ‘trusted advisors’, and not sales people. Continue reading

At this point most people know about the advantages of implementing videoconferencing throughout an organization which primarily include reduced travel costs and increased collaboration. So I thought I’d discuss some words of wisdom to help avoid costly mistakes when investing in video collaboration equipment and services. As a Sales Engineer at Veraview, my job is to help clients determine what an optimal system for their particular needs is at an acceptable price point. This isn’t always an easy thing to do because of the complexity of many factors that inevitably impact the final product. Continue reading