Month: April 2013

When does your collaboration solution become mission critical?

The quick answer is at the point where if you lost access to its resources business would suffer. This can happen to any sized business with any level of complexity, from a small five person company using a cloud based Microsoft Lync solution all the way up to a large enterprise with over a hundred video conferencing rooms blanketing the globe. If collaboration solutions are used every day, they are mission critical. Continue reading

As a system programmer at Veraview it is my job to get all the pieces of your Conference Room communicating and working together to deliver you the finest results. Through programming the touch of one button can make your lights dim, the projector screen come down from the ceiling, your projector turn on, switch to the input source, and your video conferencing unit turn to the dial screen and engage the cameras. This is far easier and more efficient than having to manually do each step with each units respective remotes, and there is less chance for error as steps will not be missed, or skipped. Continue reading

Most of our clients are implementing, or preparing for, the implementation of digital video technologies for use in their telepresence, presentation, and conferencing facilities. Blu-Ray players, iPads, some cellular phones, and most newer laptops and PC’s now support digital video. Take a moment to look for a logo that reads “HDMI”, or a letter “P” inside a letter “D”, on your device. These digital video connectors, HDMI and DisplayPort, are multiplying rapidly. Continue reading