Month: November 2014

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

In today’s tech-centric workplace, everyone has a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Some people (understandably so) bring these devices from home and use them in the office on the company network. Some companies promote this behavior, some companies prohibit this behavior, why? Along with great benefits come great risks. On the plus side, companies don’t have to provide these devices to their employees, employees get to comfortably work with their own machines and because of this productivity tends to increase. On the minus side, the risk of harming the company network increases dramatically, IT departments have to bolster security and compatibility issues between personal devices and company equipment can become a problem.
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Its 9:27, you have a meeting in three minutes. Upon arriving to your meeting you are informed there will be video enabled participants. Its 9:33 everyone from your office is in attendance. You get an email. The video participants are on screen without audio. Its 9:41 the audio is working. Its 9:44 the person presenting has located the proper cord for their laptop to connect to your display. You get another email. Finally at 9:47 the meeting begins. Does this sound familiar? I’m going to guess that it does. It shouldn’t. Quality collaboration is all about leveraging technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization, not slowing down your meetings and wasting everyone’s time. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and a project that starts with the best of intentions ends up being a headache for everyone involved. It’s always important to hire the right people for the job and our experience speaks for itself.
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