Case Studies

Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo

The Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo has a large, uniquely-shaped meeting room, which they wanted to use for training, board meetings, presentations, and audio/video conferencing. Rather than requiring everyone to travel there, in person, to attend meetings, they wanted a conferencing system that allowed everyone to “be” there. Other than a monitor and a computer, the room had no tech. So, enabling these capabilities was a big step.  A relatively low ceiling and irregular shape of the walls presented some additional challenges. Further complicating the installation was the existing audio characteristics of the room, which was a noisy area with additional sound and vibration caused by the HVAC system.

This was Veraview’s first installation of ClearOne’s patented BMA CT Beamforming Mic Array Ceiling Tile. The BMA CT proved to be the perfect solution for the room. It performed well in overcoming the room’s acoustical challenges and was esthetically pleasing. Its form factor was ideal, given the room’s low ceiling. Meeting participants can be clearly heard, even if moving freely about the room, and can sit/stand in any location without compromising audio quality.

Using the BMA CT and the CONVERGE® Pro 2 DSP mixer, the team at Versaview was able was able to mitigate the issues caused by the noisy HVAC system and provide crystal clear audio quality, even for conferencing sessions with 20-30 participants in the room.

“This was the first BMA CT we did. Looks great, works nicely. Big plus is they have a noisy area and it does a great job in taking that noise out.” –  Brian O’Leary, Account Executive at Veraview.
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Explore & More Children’s Museum

Explore & More is a world-class children’s museum that uses immersive exhibits to celebrate the power of play through seven engaging play zones and three educational play studios with four floors of fun to explore. The 43,000 square foot museum features interactive exhibits that tell the unique story of Western New York’s waterways, culture, traditions, architecture, agriculture, sports, industries and innovations.

Veraview LLC has completed its two-year project with Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum, located at the city’s growing Canalside. The collaboration, which began June 2017 and culminated June 2019, involved the execution of the museum’s cutting-edge technology systems, including server and network implementation, WiFi set-up, conference telephone system, surveillance cameras, paging system and digital signage.

Before the project was underway, Veraview worked closely with Explore & More’s team in the preliminary analysis and design process. From the beginning, Veraview was involved in ensuring all the museum’s technology requirements were met in accordance with the organization’s intended visitor experience, as well as operational and management protocols.

Though the project is completed, Veraview continues to provide technology training to Explore & More’s staff. The company will supply ongoing tech support and assistance to the organization.

“Because of Veraview’s customized process, we felt extremely confident their team would implement only the most cohesive and cost-effective services to meet our multi-faceted technology needs.” –  Michelle Urbanczyk, CEO of Explore & More.
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Curtiss Hotel

Digital signage hospitality   

The Curtiss Hotel is redefining downtown elegance in Buffalo, New York. This 5-star boutique hotel is built inside the newly renovated Harlow C. Curtiss building, a community and historical landmark.  The hotel features 68 ultra-luxurious rooms, the Chez Ami, an upscale restaurant, VUE rooftop lounge, and a variety of chic amenities that seamlessly come together to provide guests with a sophisticated vacation experience. While the building exterior has been preserved and restored, the interior has been completely renovated and outfitted with stylish furniture and décor, and a high-end Crestron control system designed by Buffalo, NY based Veraview, LLC.

Crestron technology serves as the AV, lighting, climate, and shading control backbone throughout the hotel. A stylish Crestron TSW touch screen in each room, featuring a custom interface, gives guests simple, complete one-touch control of their environment, plus direct access to all guest services, hotel directory, and valet. Guests love having the ability to request their cars as they prepare to check out so it’s ready and waiting waiting for them.  Guests also appreciate the ability to request hotel services without the help of another person, ensuring quick and accurate service every time.

Wall mounted just outside each guest room, Crestron touch screens indicate whether rooms are occupied, vacant, in need of maid services, and more. This system allows the staff to easily provide guests with the best quality service, eliminate extra steps, and maximize efficiency.

Because of the hotel’s historic landmark status, management couldn’t affix permanent signage on the exterior of the building to promote events. Utilizing Crestron technology, the hotel was able to find a creative alternative: integrate a projector with their Crestron control system to project content onto the building itself, controllable from a centralized location
in the hotel.

This project has been awarded the Best Hotel/Hospitality Project of 2018 by Commercial Integrator Magazine.
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UB School of Social Work – Parker Hall

DSC_0010 DSC_0013

The UB School of Social Work introduced a new program for their students called the “Online Part-time MSW Program” which enables students to complete their coursework on a more flexible timeline than in a traditional, classroom-based course of study. In order to implement such a program, The UB School of Social Work came to us at Veraview to design a classroom with all the necessary technology. They needed a way to capture and record class lectures, displays for presentation materials and a user-friendly interface to make everything work together.

Members of the Veraview team visited the classrooms at UB’s Parker hall in order to ascertain the best possible solution given UB’s budget. In the end, Veraview installed two 80” Sharp displays, eliminating the need for projectors and screens. We also installed two cameras and a ceiling microphone to accurately capture the lecturer from any point in the room. We were able to integrate some existing technology (a standalone Polycom capture station) into the room, enabling the lectures to be captured and shared (recorded lecture and live stream) as part of the distance learning program. Finally, we installed a 27” touch monitor for control of all classroom technology as well as annotation of presentation material. The touchscreen resides on a custom desk that houses all the AV technology. The teacher never has to turn their back on the students during lecture as the confidence monitor located in the back of the room displays the presentation material and subsequent annotations.

Without these kinds of technologies, programs such as the “Online Part-time MSW Program” would not be possible. Knowing that your work expands the reach of education and has a real impact on the lives of students is incredibly rewarding. In talking with staff at the UB School of Social Work we learned just how impressed both students and faculty were with the room. Students, “really like that they can watch lectures from home and review them at any time.” Faculty appreciate, “being able to show different content on different screens at the same time” as well as, “how easy it is to control the entire system with the touchscreen.” For the first time, the program (generally enrolls 25 students in the fall semester) has a waiting list. We can’t be certain, but we certainly like to think our classroom technology had something to do with it.

Students, “really like that they can watch lectures from home and review them at any time.” Faculty appreciates, “how easy it is to control the entire system with the touchscreen.”
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University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Science

The University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Science attracts top engineering students and faculty from across the globe who come to the school to conduct high-impact original research in science and engineering. Upon graduation many go on to become leaders in a wide range of engineering disciplines and related fields.

When the university began expanding its distance learning programs it was critical to select a solution that provided students and faculty, of both the real and virtual classrooms, with a high-quality AV collaboration system with crystal clear audio capabilities. It turned to ClearOne and its Converge Pro 2 professional audio DSP platform and ceiling microphone array.

“We’ve worked with the University at Buffalo and their distance learning programme for a couple of years now,” said Brian O’Leary, account executive at Veraview, the AV systems integrator that installed the ClearOne solution. “And when it comes to distance learning we knew they needed a high-quality collaboration and communication system, so going with ClearOne was an easy decision.”

Veraview has installed several ClearOne Converge Pro 2 audio conferencing solutions at the university’s School of Engineering and Applied Science over the last two years, and for this most recent install O’Leary was tasked with outfitting two more rooms within the growing distance learning program.

“Within a distance learning environment, particularly one of this nature, high quality audio recording is essential.”
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Insource Health Solutions – Batavia, NY


Batavia, NY is a town of about 16,000 situated between Buffalo and Rochester. When its residents want to see a doctor or a specialist, they often have to travel 1-2 hours to do so. Insource wanted to create a way for doctors and patients to see each other via video conference, on equipment that was user-friendly and high-quality. This way, accurate diagnoses could be made remotely.

Veraview and our partners at Polycom implemented a video conferencing network in the examination rooms. A patient can sit with a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and talk to a doctor or specialist on the screen in front of them. These video consultations allowed the doctor and the patient to converse as if they are in the same room. The ease and speed of the connection help Insource to move patients through quickly and keep its costs low without compromising the quality of care – essential for providers working to meet key healthcare reform mandates. Read more from Polycom and Insource here.

“The ease and speed of the connection help Insource to move patients through quickly, and keep its costs low without compromising quality of care…”

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