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Hospice Buffalo, Inc.

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Hospice Buffalo recently renovated their Hospice Mitchell Campus in Cheektowaga including updated patient rooms, family rooms, and new digital signage. Hospice Buffalo provides care for persons of all ages with life-limiting illness. The newly renovated Mary & Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. In-Patient Unit at the Mitchell Campus is just one location at which Hospice Buffalo provides their services.

The first thing you notice when visiting the Mitchell Campus on Como Park Blvd is the atmosphere. Never once did I feel like I was in a hospital, it always felt like home. There is a palpable sense of warmth in every room. The amount of wood used throughout the campus was astounding and really made for a comfortable environment.

Beyond the welcoming staff and all around cozy common areas you’ll notice Hospice Buffalo’s use of technology. Nothing is overdone and each bit of technology has a real purpose. Digital signage is prevalent throughout the campus; Hospice wanted to provide patients and their families with relevant information (Hospice twitter feed, news updates, weather forecast, etc.) in an easy to understand, visual format. We deployed a total of 5 displays spread between the administration building and patient common areas.

Hospice spared no expense making the patient rooms as inviting and convenient as possible. Each room is fitted with an iHome for iPod/iPhone connectivity. The iHome also handles the audio from the TV to provide better sound quality. Each TV rests on a swivel mount to provide easy viewing for guests on the couch. Patients also have the ability to watch DVDs that their families and friends bring from home. Veraview’s most challenging and rewarding endeavor came when deploying the HD Encoder system which provides three custom TV channels to patients: The Fish Tank Channel, Fireplace Channel, and Meditation Courtyard Channel. The Fish Tank and Meditation Courtyard channels are fed by live cameras at the Hospice Mitchell Campus. We were able to position a camera to stream footage of the 240-gallon fish tank located in the “Kids Family Room”. There are also CCTV cameras mounted outside that stream footage of the Meditation Courtyard, which is often visited by neighboring deer and owls. Hospice’s IT Technical Manager Joseph Gunnells says, “Families are amazed by the access to nature through digital means, as many patients are immobile. Families and patients also enjoy watching the fireplace channel at night as it provides even more of a homey feel.”

A large focus of the renovations at Hospice Buffalo’s Mitchell Campus was to provide families with common areas to congregate during their visit. The Hospice staff achieved this by establishing two separate “Family Rooms”. One room is geared more towards children and houses the 240-gallon fish tank as well as an Xbox. The “Adult Family Room” has a full kitchen and more formal sitting area where guests have access to a television. With the focus on family, these rooms are nicely appointed and very straightforward from a technological perspective.

Case studies are always a great time to reflect on the impact of our work and this project at Hospice Buffalo is no exception. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a wonderful organization. Every project we do makes a difference; knowing that we’ve provided some level of pleasure or joy in the life of a Hospice Patient means that much more. From all of us at Veraview, thank you for allowing us to help facilitate your mission! For more information on how we can make a difference in your organization, check out the rest of our case studies below and please, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and ideas.

“Families are amazed by the access to nature through digital means, as many patients are immobile. Families and patients also enjoy watching the fireplace channel at night as it provides even more of a homey feel.”
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Kleinhans Music Hall

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Kleinhans Music Hall has been a beacon of culture in the City of Buffalo for over 70 years. Since its opening in 1940 Kleinhans has seen some incredible performances and has played host to countless community events and fundraisers. Over the last 74 years, modifications and renovations have become necessary; Kleinhans’ latest update is no exception.

Before we set up their new projector, audience members could hardly make out the BPO logo on the screen. We more than doubled the size of the projection screen to 30ft and people can now read the text during presentations several rows from the stage. Everyone’s initial reaction upon seeing the size of the screen and the brightness of the projector was simply, “wow”. It’s a great feeling to know that everyone in the auditorium will be able to see things as intended, especially during the BPO performances for which they use the screen and projector so often.

Every job that we do makes a difference – whether it’s implementing an effective collaboration technology, cutting the cost of an organizations phone system, reducing travel through video conferencing or all of the above – but there is something special about working in a place like Kleinhans because of what it means to the City of Buffalo as a whole. To learn more about the beast of a projector now in use at Kleinhans check out Christie’s website or contact us here on our website.

Everyone’s initial reaction upon seeing the size of the screen and the brightness of the projector was simply, “wow”.
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The Hyatt Regency – Presidential Suite

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When the Hyatt Regency Buffalo decided to renovate their Presidential Suite they had two things in mind. The first, to provide an unmatched level of comfort for even the most discriminating of tastes. The second, to create a mixed-use hospitality space capable of doubling as an office. They achieved both goals wonderfully.

After our initial meetings with The Hyatt, we agreed the best course of action was to downplay the technology and let the suite speak for itself; beautiful accommodations first, business second. As you can see the suite looks terrific but what about the technology? To complement the interior design and fulfill the requirements of those traveling for business we installed three 60” LG HDTVs, a Polycom SoundStation Duo Conference Phone, a wall plate with laptop inputs and finally, a Crestron keypad to control the system.

The 60” TVs are very thin and wall mounted to maintain a low profile and blend into the décor. The Crestron keypad is also wall mounted for low profile, easy access. The Polycom conference phone is situated on the credenza within earshot of everyone seated around the table. With these bits of technology in place The Hyatt’s Presidential Suite is ready to work as hard as it plays meaning you can answer the age-old question, “Are you traveling for business or pleasure?” with a simple, “both”.

To see more examples of our work check out the rest of our case studies below or feel free to contact us with questions. We handle design and implementation of all things AV in any environment.

“Our vision was to create a suite with luxurious accommodations and business functionality; Veraview helped us actualize our vision.” .
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Niagara Charter School

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Niagara Charter School is an Expeditionary Learning School where students learn through purposeful, hands-on experiences that provide opportunities to become active learners. We coordinated with Niagara Charter School’s Director of Technology Tamika Morris during the project, here is what she had to say about the work:

“Veraview’s installation of smart boards and projectors has helped Niagara Charter tremendously. The ability to interact with the smart boards and the consistent presentation of educational images and videos via classroom projectors has further enhanced the hands-on experience model that Niagara Charter School follows. The pleasant, knowledgeable individuals in various departments at Veraview made it a “win-win” in Niagara Charter School’s decision to allow the company to assist in the seamless connection between technology and education. One of our teachers had said “this technology is essential with respect to the curriculum. With this technology, students are willing and able to challenge themselves–overcoming comfort and academic barriers.” The benefits also go further than the classroom. The projectors in the school are also used for faculty and administrative conferences/meetings. Productivity and collaboration are effective and efficient as a result.”

At Veraview we take pride in knowing that the technology we deploy makes a difference in the lives of the people using it and I am hard pressed to think of a better example than Niagara Charter School. Check out the rest of our case studies to see how we can work for you!

“Incorporating smart boards and projectors into the curriculum has pushed interactive learning and classroom collaboration to the next level here at Niagara Charter.” .
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Roswell Park – Cell Stress Biology

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The Cell Stress Biology department at Roswell Park Cancer Institute came to us with the intention of renovating one of their conference rooms. The conference room was being used for presentations and as a departmental collaboration space. Before our renovation the conference room was underutilized and a bit messy with cables. The department wanted to tidy up the cables and rearrange the space to make it more usable.

In order to tidy up the mess of cables, we deployed “The Great Transition” cable management solution. This cable management tower sits underneath the conference table, keeping cables protected and out of sight. To make things easier and tidier we also installed a button controller and wall plate. The button controller makes it easy to power on the presentation systems in the room and selects the inputs to that system. The wall plate makes it easy to connect laptops and other media to the presentation system, it also keeps cables connected to the projector from hanging in plain sight.

The most notable addition to the Cell Stress Biology Department’s conference room is the “Ultra-Thin Bezel” fixed projection screen. The ¼” bezel frames the screen and gives it the look of an HDTV, only bigger. To minimize ambient light from the windows we chose a different wall for the screen then what was previously being used. We also installed a brighter projector rated at 4600 lumens. To amplify sound we installed two ceiling speakers and integrated them with the switcher/amp that we installed in their media cabinet.

When we followed up on site we heard things like, “it’s amazing how much of a difference it [the renovation] makes” and, “oh my gosh, this is great.” We were also told the amount of time spent in the room has increased and that everyone is, “really pleased with the room.” Seeing a project like this completed is always rewarding. We take pride in our work knowing that it makes a difference in how you do yours.

First reaction: “Oh my gosh, this is great.” “Everyone is really pleased with the room.”.
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The Hamister Group – 10 Lafayette Square

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In late 2012 The Hamister Group purchased the Tishman Building at 10 Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo. Ever since then, The Hamister Group has been renovating the building inside and out to accommodate a 124 room Hilton Garden Inn, 18 market-rate apartments and the new corporate headquarters of The Hamister Group. With the project nearing completion, The Hamister Group called on us to implement new technology for three of their conference rooms. Each room needed the ability to carry out video conference calls as well as support digital presentations.

In the largest conference room, we integrated two 80” Sharp monitors, one HD Vadio USB Camera, two ceiling microphones, six ceiling speakers and a wall-mounted ten button room controller. The monitors are used for presentations and video conference calls. The HD Vaddio USB Camera is connected to the room PC and provides near end video coverage for video conferencing. The microphones and speakers are also used for video conferencing. To make things easier for everyone we wall mounted a 10 button room controller to power on/off the displays and camera.

In the remaining two conference rooms we deployed very similar technology to enable presentations and video conferencing. The Hamister Group was a pleasure to work with and we are glad that we could be a part of their contribution to Downtown Buffalo’s Renaissance. See our other case studies for ideas on how to put Veraview to work for you.

The Hamister Group was a pleasure to work with and we are glad that we could be a part of their contribution to Downtown Buffalo’s Renaissance.
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UB School of Social Work – Parker Hall

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The UB School of Social Work introduced a new program for their students called the “Online Part-time MSW Program” which enables students to complete their coursework on a more flexible timeline than in a traditional, classroom-based course of study. In order to implement such a program, The UB School of Social Work came to us at Veraview to design a classroom with all the necessary technology. They needed a way to capture and record class lectures, displays for presentation materials and a user-friendly interface to make everything work together.

Members of the Veraview team visited the classrooms at UB’s Parker hall in order to ascertain the best possible solution given UB’s budget. In the end, Veraview installed two 80” Sharp displays, eliminating the need for projectors and screens. We also installed two cameras and a ceiling microphone to accurately capture the lecturer from any point in the room. We were able to integrate some existing technology (a standalone Polycom capture station) into the room, enabling the lectures to be captured and shared (recorded lecture and live stream) as part of the distance learning program. Finally, we installed a 27” touch monitor for control of all classroom technology as well as annotation of presentation material. The touchscreen resides on a custom desk that houses all the AV technology. The teacher never has to turn their back on the students during lecture as the confidence monitor located in the back of the room displays the presentation material and subsequent annotations.

Without these kinds of technologies, programs such as the “Online Part-time MSW Program” would not be possible. Knowing that your work expands the reach of education and has a real impact on the lives of students is incredibly rewarding. In talking with staff at the UB School of Social Work we learned just how impressed both students and faculty were with the room. Students, “really like that they can watch lectures from home and review them at any time.” Faculty appreciate, “being able to show different content on different screens at the same time” as well as, “how easy it is to control the entire system with the touchscreen.” For the first time, the program (generally enrolls 25 students in the fall semester) has a waiting list. We can’t be certain, but we certainly like to think our classroom technology had something to do with it.

Students, “really like that they can watch lectures from home and review them at any time.” Faculty appreciates, “how easy it is to control the entire system with the touchscreen.”
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Insource Health Solutions – Batavia, NY

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Batavia, NY is a town of about 16,000 situated between Buffalo and Rochester. When its residents want to see a doctor or a specialist, they often have to travel 1-2 hours to do so. Insource wanted to create a way for doctors and patients to see each other via video conference, on equipment that was user-friendly and high-quality. This way, accurate diagnoses could be made remotely.

Veraview and our partners at Polycom implemented a video conferencing network in the examination rooms. A patient can sit with a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and talk to a doctor or specialist on the screen in front of them. These video consultations allowed the doctor and the patient to converse as if they are in the same room. The ease and speed of the connection help Insource to move patients through quickly and keep its costs low without compromising the quality of care – essential for providers working to meet key healthcare reform mandates. Read more from Polycom and Insource here.

See how Insource is giving its patients access to doctors and specialists.

“The ease and speed of the connection help Insource to move patients through quickly, and keep its costs low without compromising quality of care…”

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Hodgson Russ – Buffalo, NY


One of the largest law firms headquartered in Buffalo, Hodgson Russ boasts seven locations in multiple states and two countries.  The firm was looking for a better, more efficient way to connect with other locations, and wanted to save time, minimize travel and reduce their costs long term.

By working closely with the team at Hodgson Russ, Veraview was able to provide and install a large-scale video conferencing system into its existing conference rooms that allow the different locations to connect with ease.

Our solutions included large wall mounted and mobile display screens and cameras that were thoughtfully incorporated into the sleek and professional design scheme, successfully blending new technology with the architectural integrity of the firm’s Buffalo location in Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building.  Touch panels to control all equipment in the rooms were incorporated in the overall design to allow for a more “user-friendly” experience.  The video conferencing in place has truly enhanced connectivity for the attorneys and staff at Hodgson Russ’ seven locations.

Whether your firm is looking to connect to other locations more efficiently, conduct depositions, or speak with opposing counsel, Veraview will develop a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.
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