Unifed Communications

Skype for Business is the latest conferencing and collaboration tool. You can connect from any device and share/work on documents with others in real time. Skype for Business also connects with all other apps in Office 365, uniting your information across all platforms. Learn more about Skype for Business and how Veraview can help your company utilize all of its features by scrolling through our Sway presentation below.

Office 365 – Yammer

Yammer is the newest way to connect your company, brought to you by Office 365. It’s similar to a “corporate Facebook” but with a multitude of added features, such as the ability to share and collaborate on documents in real time. Check out our Sway presentation below to learn more about how your company can benefit from using Yammer!

Office 365 – Delve

Delve is a new app in the Office 365 environment that allows you to discover files within your organization. Delve enables you to look up co-workers and see what files they have shared and are working on, you can also see your own files or view files that Delve has recommended to you based on your position in the company. Delve also has built in analytics to track where you are spending your time. Learn more about Delve in our Sway presentation below:

Office 365 – Sway

Sway is one of the new apps included with Office 365. Sway is a great tool for marketers as it makes creating presentations easier and more dynamic than ever before. Below is a Sway presentation we created to show you all of its capabilities. Let us know what you think.

Over the last 20 years, the AV/IT industry has been asking the question: is it better for an organization’s IT department to have a single vendor for their networking needs or to have a best of breed approach- relying on multiple vendors that specialize in each component of the network. There has been a constant back and forth on which concept is better. As with everything, each option has its pros and cons. Historically, organizations have opted for the BETTER solution at the time believing that the BEST was not available. Hopefully, we can shed some light on this.
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Its 9:27, you have a meeting in three minutes. Upon arriving to your meeting you are informed there will be video enabled participants. Its 9:33 everyone from your office is in attendance. You get an email. The video participants are on screen without audio. Its 9:41 the audio is working. Its 9:44 the person presenting has located the proper cord for their laptop to connect to your display. You get another email. Finally at 9:47 the meeting begins. Does this sound familiar? I’m going to guess that it does. It shouldn’t. Quality collaboration is all about leveraging technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization, not slowing down your meetings and wasting everyone’s time. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and a project that starts with the best of intentions ends up being a headache for everyone involved. It’s always important to hire the right people for the job and our experience speaks for itself.
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If you are still using a PSTN phone network (regular phone line from Verizon or the likes) in your business, it is time for an upgrade. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is less expensive and more versatile. You have heard about and might already be using a service such as Vonage, Basic Talk, Magic Jack, etc. in your home, so why not in your business?

VoIP phone systems are not tied into the old PSTN network, making them less complex, easier to manage, less expensive (no copper phone lines to maintain) and overall more functional. These factors make VoIP the perfect solution for everyone (unless you have no internet access).So why haven’t you made the change? Perhaps you don’t want to make the initial investment or you figure, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is perfectly understandable, change is tough for everyone but in this case it shouldn’t be. Your IT personnel will no longer have multiple networks to manage, your future wallet will love the extra weight it’s put on and your employees will appreciate the convenient features that can be built into the phones.
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Congratulations to the Recipients of this year’s USDA’s RUS DLT grant. The awards were announced in March. NYS had 6 grant awardees.

Veraview is proud to have been part of the process assisting two of our clients securing the nationally and highly competitive grant.

Congratulations to Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES and the Seneca Indian Nation Health System.