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Food For Thought by Dennis Thomas

A Team Environment

There are added psychological returns that come from a video conferencing solution with regards to remote locations and employees. There is always a feeling of not being as one. Remote employees tend to feel they are left out, not included within the usual workings of the organization, and often feel as though they do not receive the recognition they would typically receive if they were at HQ.

Video conference allows day-to-day contact with all employees. Weekly and monthly meetings, trainings and even quarterly reviews could all be performed with the use of video conferencing.  The remote employees are now integrated into a daily or weekly infrastructure within the organization and in all essence, effectively working at a better pace.

Having an Agile Business

 When employees have collaboration tools that are easy to use and allow on-demand interaction, their business experiences two basic changes:

 • The business is more fluid, it has an ability to respond quickly.

• The quality of business decisions improves with access to  vital information and key personnel from anywhere.

 In fact, businesses that use collaboration solutions achieve gains with their business processes and workflows that involve fixed location employees as well as mobile and remote offices.

 As your company looks towards lowering travel costs, increasing productivity and focusing on “Agile” business methods, look towards video conferencing and truly understanding your return on investment.

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