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How a Custom Programmed Conference Room Can Make Running Your Business Smoother. By Steven Bader

As a system programmer at Veraview it is my job to get all the pieces of your Conference Room communicating and working together to deliver you the finest results. Through programming the touch of one button can make your lights dim, the projector screen come down from the ceiling, your projector turn on, switch to the input source, and your video conferencing unit turn to the dial screen and engage the cameras. This is far easier and more efficient than having to manually do each step with each units respective remotes, and there is less chance for error as steps will not be missed, or skipped.

As a programmer I can take your room and control virtually everything running on electricity to make the Conference Room fully controllable to all your needs. Multiple screens running different video sources that can be switched at a button, shades that are open and closed from your chair, full audio control, the latest news streamed straight to your control panel, security camera feeds, remote room control, and much more are available through a custom programmed room.
If you dream of it the staff here at Veraview can come up with a solution to make your Conferencing room fully customized to your needs, helping you get your business running smoothly and efficiently as well as leaving a big WOW factor to any meeting with future business partners!

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