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We are proud to announce our partnership with the National Lacrosse League and attended our first Buffalo Bandits game as a company this past Saturday. The game was excitingly close throughout the first three quarters with the Rochester Knighthawks pulling away in the fourth quarter of play. The great turnout of fans—even in bitter cold weather, is a testament to our hardy Buffalo nature; no blowing snow and subzero wind-chill is going to keep us from enjoying our teams.

If you were at the game Saturday night then you probably noticed our Jumbotron commercial and heard the PA announcement. We look forward to cultivating our relationship further, not only with the National Lacrosse League but with all of our customers. If there is ever anything that you need with respect to audio or video conferencing, phone systems, digital signage and video walls or any other bit of technology you use in your office, please, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us on our website.


So you have some new office space, what’s the first thing you think about, technology or furniture? Let me guess, it isn’t technology. If I’m right, perfect, keep reading. If I’m wrong, bravo, give us a call. People have it engrained in their minds that technology can’t be brought to the table if you don’t have the table first. It may seem counterintuitive but you really don’t need the table first, in fact, you can build the table around the technology and save a lot of money in the process.
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Do you currently have on-premises video conferencing? Do you use it as often as you initially thought you might? If you’re only using video conferencing to hold or attend meetings with employees you’ll be happy to know there is a lot more that you can do. Don’t get me wrong, meetings and employee conferences are perfect applications of video within an organization, but there is so much more that can be done to make your video investment a vital part of daily operations. Be it Finance, HR, Customer Service or any other functional area, APIs (application programming interface) allow you to customize your video environment to enhance your preexisting employee and customer websites/portals, streamline your remote interview process and avoid video-room scheduling mix-ups.
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Veraview Holiday Party 2014

TV Winner

A big thank you goes out to everyone who was able to make it to the party last night. Encore turned out to be a great venue and everyone in attendance had fun. It’s always nice to get together with coworkers, partners and customers outside of the typical, day to day work functions.

Congratulations to the winner of the 40” LED TV Door Prize, Brad Saunders from Steuben Foods!




Matte white, end of discussion. Let’s move on to something that actually matters, right? Wrong, absolutely wrong. Matte white has long since been a standard in the industry but there are other options that you may not have considered. Different screens are optimized for different environments which is exactly why matte white isn’t perfect for everyone.
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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

In today’s tech-centric workplace, everyone has a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Some people (understandably so) bring these devices from home and use them in the office on the company network. Some companies promote this behavior, some companies prohibit this behavior, why? Along with great benefits come great risks. On the plus side, companies don’t have to provide these devices to their employees, employees get to comfortably work with their own machines and because of this productivity tends to increase. On the minus side, the risk of harming the company network increases dramatically, IT departments have to bolster security and compatibility issues between personal devices and company equipment can become a problem.
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Its 9:27, you have a meeting in three minutes. Upon arriving to your meeting you are informed there will be video enabled participants. Its 9:33 everyone from your office is in attendance. You get an email. The video participants are on screen without audio. Its 9:41 the audio is working. Its 9:44 the person presenting has located the proper cord for their laptop to connect to your display. You get another email. Finally at 9:47 the meeting begins. Does this sound familiar? I’m going to guess that it does. It shouldn’t. Quality collaboration is all about leveraging technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization, not slowing down your meetings and wasting everyone’s time. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and a project that starts with the best of intentions ends up being a headache for everyone involved. It’s always important to hire the right people for the job and our experience speaks for itself.
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Training and Support

Time and time again I am amazed by the amount of underutilized technology that floats around offices. How many times have you heard, “we don’t use that because so and so no longer works here, we don’t know how to use it.”? Kind of crazy right? The biggest kicker is that some of this technology is really expensive. I’ve talked to people about equipment worth $100k+ that they don’t use because it’s too complicated, or for what they need it isn’t necessary; oftentimes this dismissive nature comes from a fear of the unknown and not wanting to “break” the equipment. For exactly these reasons Veraview offers extensive training and support packages with each and every project.
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Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit on the 21st at the Niagara County Technology & Homeland Security Forum! It was a great event and we always appreciate seeing old friends and meeting new people.

For those who couldn’t make it, we set up a Polycom Group 300 codec and camera that enables you to conduct video conferences in a small board room or huddle room. The camera that comes with the codec is also the microphone that picks up your voice during a call. In addition to our Group 300 codec we conducted demonstrations of our Recordex Document Viewer and Tablet. These Document Viewer and Tablet bundles are far more versatile than the old overhead projectors and come with some really intuitive software that allows for recording and annotation.

For more information on our company or the products and services we offer check out the rest of the website or head to our contact page and shoot us a line. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Conference Rooms at a Glance

We all love technology when it works, wouldn’t it be nice if technology worked the way we want it to all the time? You shouldn’t have to fumble through inputs on five different remotes just to get your laptop to show up on the conference room display. At Veraview we understand, that’s why we offer a variety of solutions to make your conference room functional without the help of your nearest IT person. We partner with Crestron to bring you cutting edge, easy to use, control and automation products to make your work day easier. From the “AirMedia” and touch panels to wall plates and mounts everything we use in the conference room is designed to make your life easier and your space more functional.
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