Audio and Visual Integration

We were the geeks who rolled the projector into the classroom, and we still enjoy doing that. Collectively our staff has decades of experience in classroom technology, concert sound and lighting, cinema, radio and television.

Audio and Visual Integration for Classrooms and Boardrooms

Classroom technology has merged with IT, though the underlying principles are the same. With virtually every student and teacher constantly connected to campus-wide networks, we are able make every projector, flat panel, and electronic whiteboard available to them for teaching, learning and sharing. Veraview can supply and install the components necessary for a fully interactive, totally wireless classroom. With a few mouse clicks, you can access a campus-wide video library of teaching material or your students can access lectures that they need to review.

Corporate meeting facilities – conference rooms, training rooms, or even the cafeteria – now make use of the same technological advances to achieve similar goals. Veraview integrates flat panel displays, projection systems, lighting, and professional sound systems to produce effective videoconferences, shareholder meetings, seminars, and on-demand webinars. Our skill sets combine to enable smooth, professional presentations to your employees and clients whether they are in the same room or on another continent. Veraview provides turn-key solutions that may be operated with the touch of a single button, or even just by walking into the room.

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