Extron started with a single product in 1983, and has since developed thousands of innovative AV solutions for a diverse and demanding global marketplace. Extron designs and manufactures AV components that work together to convert, switch and distribute signals, and control entire AV systems from a single interface.

Extron SMP 351


The SMP 351 is a streaming media processor for capturing and distributing live AV sources and presentations. Featuring up to five inputs, the SMP 351 creates high-impact presentations by combining two high resolution signals, a background image, and metadata into dynamic layouts that enhance your presentation’s message. The SMP 351 offers both live streaming and recording capabilities, allowing you to distribute your message anywhere your network can reach. Extron’s FlexOS® embedded operating system makes it easily-adaptable to new requirements and applications can be uploaded to the SMP 351 to automate system operation using control ports. Requiring no license fees, the SMP 351 is a flexible, cost-effective solution for delivering presentations to a larger audience.

Extron MLC Plus 200


The MLC Plus 200 is a sleek Ethernet controller designed for handling common AV functions such as display on/off, input switching, volume control, and Ethernet control of AV devices. The faceplate hides the mounting screws and, combined with its rounded corners and beveled edges, gives the controller a refined, stylish appearance. Along with the ten customizable and configurable buttons, the MLC Plus 200 features a remote volume
control port for Extron MPA Series and select XTRA™ Series amplifiers. Power over Ethernet – PoE allows the MLC Plus 200 to receive power and communications over a single Ethernet cable. It mounts in a three-gang junction box, and includes black and white faceplates.

Extron HD4K 110


The Extron HD 4K 110 Series includes AAP and Decora®-style HDMI signal regenerators designed to recondition marginal or poor quality 4K source signals. They equalize the input signal, reduce jitter and skew, and provide output signal pre-emphasis, ensuring a stable output signal for optimal system performance. The HD 4K 110 is HDCP compliant, and supports video resolutions up to 4096×2160 @ 30 Hz. Source signals up to 4K resolution can
be extended up to 25 feet (7.6 meters) when used with Extron HDMI Pro Series cables. For ease of integration, the regenerator can be powered by the source device or the included power supply. The HD 4K 110 Series signal regenerators ensure a reliable signal from an HDMI source connected at a wall, lectern, or floor box.

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