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The greatest advancement since signage went digital – Automate your marketing research and unlock access to real-time targeted content with signage solutions from Veraview. Signage now has the ability to accurately assess traffic, opportunities, and impressions at your signage location. When an impression is recorded you will receive data on how long the impression lasted as well as the age, gender and mood of the impressed individual. In addition to receiving reports on this information, the signage content can be configured to react depending on the profile of the impression; imagine the possibilities!



Knowing where you are doesn’t mean you can’t lose your way – Our wayfinding and signage solutions make it easy to stay the course. Interactive touchscreen kiosks provide directions to nearby attractions, campus buildings, hospital wings and more. You can’t take the kiosk with you but a QR code will send the directions to your phone!

Dynamic content is the new standard – You want more than a glance, you want a lasting impression. Online tools provide easy access to your content, allowing you to display relevant, up-to-the-minute information, including but not limited to, weather and stock info, upcoming events, social media feeds, live video streams and emergency alerts.



People want to interact… let them – Static signs relay the information people need, whereas interactive signs engage people with the information they want. Signage can be whatever you want it to be; let the experts at Veraview design a unique solution for your company today.


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