Facility Design

Designing a new facility, or renovating an existing one, provides opportunities and challenges for any organization. Veraview has extensive experience in construction, facilities management, and IT that you can leverage for a successful project. We will assist you in evaluating your current conferencing infrastructure from the server room to the desktop, and every meeting space in between.

Audio and Visual Facility Design Services

Our process begins when your project is first conceived. Resources are assigned to attend design meetings with architects, engineers, building committees, and end users. We work directly with you to ensure your vision is communicated clearly with drawings, submittals, product demonstrations, and full-scale mockups.

As construction progresses, we are on site for construction meetings and coordination with you, project managers, skilled trades, and other service providers. Your goals and interests are most vulnerable during this phase of the process, and we take great pride in ensuring that the work is done right the first time. Unforeseen site conditions can threaten your goals and deadlines, but Veraview will be there to answer questions and provide direction with your best interests in mind.

As move-in day and application rollout approaches, we work diligently to thoroughly inspect, commission and back up each and every system to manufacturer’s specifications. We will walk through the entire deployment with you to guarantee that your vision is still intact. Veraview provides training, service and upgrade plans, kickass technical support, and a full system warranty.

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