Skype for Business

Communicate with any device, seamlessly with IM, voice, and video.

Veraview takes the guesswork out of integrating Skype for Business into your existing network. Deploying Skype for Business throughout an organization and using it to its full potential can be daunting. More often than not, companies integrate only a portion of the platform’s capabilities.  When incorporating Skype for Business into a company’s existing platform, or even replacing much the existing network, the steps can be taken in increments or an overnight cutover may be the solution. Veraview can work with you to determine your specific and immediate needs and integrate or replace what you need now while preparing you for future needs. Call us to help you unlock the following capabilities:

Collaborate with the desktop client with H.264 video. Integrate with the Office suite for full capability content sharing, presentations, collaboration, as well as full integration with Microsoft Outlook providing single-click meeting capabilities.

Collaborate with the mobile client and bring your office wherever you go.  Almost all mobile devices come with an integrated camera now. That makes mobile working even easier than commuting to the office every day.  With an integrated calendar, conversation history, full contact list, at your fingertips, you can provide your personal status to your colleagues. As though you were right there.

Skype for Business in the boardroom.


Not only can this platform be integrated with most video systems on the market, it can also be used in conjunction with traditional cloud-based video bridging and codecs.



Integrated into the Surface Hub.



Skype for Business adds dimension to virtual, interactive collaboration meetings.




UC capabilities with IP phone devices provides you with:

User and PIN-based authentication

Contact list and global directory search

Integrated presence, along with Call Park, Transfer, admin and visual voicemail.

Full PSTN calling capabilities are also available.




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