Training and Adoption

What good is a car if you don’t know how to drive it? The same can be said for technology! Get the most out of your technology with proper hands-on training.


Our Crestron Prorammer Steve conducting training at the UB School of Social Work

It’s always the same story from customers, “we spent a ton of money on new technology three years ago and we still don’t use it.” At some point someone ran into a problem and figured they could use technology to help solve it, chances are, they were right, however, after procurement and installation something wasn’t quite right. The company who installed the equipment did a quick run-through of the equipment for one person and that was it. This is where we make the distinction between “don’t use” and “don’t know how to use”. At Veraview we don’t accept this training gap, we make sure enough people know how to use the technology to ensure everyone actually uses it!

Our expert training staff will make sure everyone is comfortable using the technology. If your personnel changes and new employees need to be trained, give us a call, we’ll be glad to bring them up to speed. You deserve more than just equipment, you deserve a solution.

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