LifeSize offers cloud-based video conferencing that offers a consistent, user-friendly experience whether using their browser-based or room-based conferencing. LifeSize offers a great value to SMBs with a large remote workforce.


LifeSize Cloud


Lifesize Cloud is simply the best way for your entire organization to connect over video when you need to get business done. Awesome features, like an easy-to-use interface, screen sharing, calendar integration, chat and audio-calling options will help you drive greater collaboration and communication. Simply put, you will work smarter. And, when connected to our Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems, you get an even better and unique experience in your conference rooms.

  • Search-based directory for instant calling. No virtual rooms or passwords required.
  • Calls via desktop app or your browser via Lifesize Cloud Web App with up to 50 participants.
  • Start a web conference and share your screen with ease.
  • Schedule calls from Google Calendar™ or Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Pull reports on call lengths, device usage and more.

LifeSize Cloud Amplify


At last, the ability to record a video call or meeting and immediately share the conversation with others inside and outside of the organization comes to business. Lifesize Cloud Amplify is the most powerful cloud-based one-click recording, sharing and auto-publishing solution. It lets users capture important meetings, conversations, events, ideas and even important milestones, and instantly share them.

  • One-click recording
  • Auto-publishing
  • Instant playback
  • Video access controls at the account level and user level
  • Personal video library for every user
  • Security in-flight and in storage

LifeSize Icon Flex


If you want to use any of your video collaboration applications, like Skype for Business, Google Hangouts™, Cisco Jabber®, Skype™, or our favorite, Lifesize® Cloud, in the meeting room, you’ll want the Lifesize® Icon Flex™ to get more out of it. Super easy to set up and use, the Lifesize Icon Flex brings high quality video and support to your third-party collaboration application.

  • Easy setup. No tools required.
  • Connect to any laptop via USB.
  • Touchscreen phone with integrated mics and speaker.
  • 360° audio microphone pickup.
  • Dedicated IP phone, use for all of your audio calls.
  • Quiet pan/tilt 6x zoom camera.
  • Greater than 70° field of view.

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