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The ingredients to successful service work by Brian O’Leary

1) Timeliness. The sooner a customer lets us know they have a problem the better. I get quite a few calls about audio/visual issues and many times they have existed for a while. This situation can risk the customer losing out on a warranty period and can result in costing the customer a great deal of money as a result. In addition the sooner you call the sooner we can respond to your service needs.

2) Information. Full information on nature of problem is always better. If possible document all details of the problem when it happened. The more information our techs have about when and how the problem started the better. This will save us some trouble shooting time and as a result the customer can have a quicker and cheaper repair.

3) Flexibility. All customers want their room/equipment back up and running immediately. We recognize this and certainly aim to satisfy on this account. The customer too, can help with this by being flexible on the immediacy and amount of time they can give our service techs to solve their problem.

When all these items are mixed together the customer wins by having a service issue successfully and quickly addressed.

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