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Veraview Connect - Cloud-based Video Conferencing

VConnect enables faster, more secure meetings worldwide through an infrastructure that provides easy to use, HD quality, encrypted video conferencing.

VConnect uses our best-of-breed solutions to provide our clients with a standards-based tool interoperable with communications and business applications across the globe. From the boardroom to the desktop, from the huddle room to the tablet, VConnect will optimize the way you communicate over video and astound you with its ease of use and reliability.

  • Connect from room systems and desktop/mobile devices with click to connect WebRTC
  • Usage Analytics keep track of call duration, participants, and quality
  • Meet with up to 50 participants in each call
  • No need to schedule ahead with always on, ad-hoc meeting rooms
  • Push to stream and record capabilities
  • The only video conferencing platform that has a certified Skype® for the Business gateway.

Video is the way companies are communicating and the functionality should be the same at your desk, huddle space, or boardroom. Always HD quality with encrypted video ensures the best quality in a secure environment.

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Video Conferencing Veraview Connect

Video-Based Solutions for Everyone
In today’s global economy, video-based collaboration is becoming an integral part of communication. The Veraview Connect suite of services offers something suitable for everyone—whether it be cloud or premise-based, or even renting a room in our state of the art facility.

Right-Sized Solutions
As system integrators, it is our business to find the best solution for your needs. We install large video spaces as well as providing video down to your computer or hand-held device. Technology changes rapidly. We design our services to meet today’s requirements in an open source environment to easily adapt to new technologies as they become available.

Video Collaboration Veraview Connect

Supported and Reliable
We support everything we install. If we can’t find the answer, we are front line with the manufacturer who can. You’ve made the right decision to invest in unified communication—now allow Veraview to manage it for you.

Cost Effective and Budget Friendly
We offer solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget. Veraview Connect is a suite of services that gives your organization enterprise-class capabilities without requiring an enterprise-class budget and support staff.

Questions? Get in touch with us 800.856.1182 –