Projector vs. LED

If you are considering a new display for your conference room you have more than a couple options. The biggest choice you have to make, however, isn’t Samsung or Sharp, its projector or LED. Before you go rushing into anything there are a handful of key factors to consider: Budget, space, lighting conditions and overall usage.

When considering which display system to purchase you must consider all costs that come with the system. With a projection system you will need a projector, a projector screen and in the future you will need replacement lamps. There are some projectors with lamps that do not need to be replaced. With an LED display the only major cost to consider is the display itself.

LED displays work quite well in all lighting conditions as the screen is backlit. A projector on the other hand relies on a screen to reflect light back to your eyes making it easier for the image to be affected by ambient light. If your conference room is flooded with natural light you might want to opt for an LED solution. If you can control the lighting of your room the projector offers great visibility and a larger image.

The more physical space you have, the more attractive a projector becomes. A projector can create an image up to 300” whereas an LED display typically maxes out at 90”. If you have a large conference room where some people will be fifteen or more feet away from the screen then a projector might be the way to go.

One last thing to consider is overall usage. If your system is going to be in a high traffic conference room that gets used daily an LED display might make more sense due to its lamp life. LED systems have lamps that are generally rated at 100,000 hours, projectors however tend to be rated between 2,000 and 10,000 hours.

There is no clear cut winner when it comes to LED displays and projection systems but with this knowledge you can feel a bit more comfortable making your own decision. Remember LEDs are best suited in rooms without great light control and where people will be within fifteen feet of the display. Projection systems are best suited for large rooms with great light control.