What’s up with Digital Signage?

Digital signage has been around for quite some time and is used in a variety of applications. We see digital signage nearly every day. When was the last time you were at McDonald’s or an airport, how about an amusement park? All of these places use digital signage to provide pertinent information where and when we need it most. Menu items, flight statuses and waiting times for rides are just the tip of the iceberg. Now imagine using digital signage at your company, I am sure you have questions: How does it work? What do I display? Where do I put it? All valid questions with equally valid answers.

I really didn’t have any of these answers until recently. Our sales rep from Carousel Digital Signage decided to pay us a visit and during our meeting she explained the ease of use and flexibility of the Carousel Digital Signage system. Everything from design and layout, to content and scheduling is controlled from an easy to use website that has many industry specific templates available at no charge.

With regards to how it works, there are a couple of options. Each involve a physical media player and you can choose between a physical on site server or a virtualized server. In terms of operation they are nearly identical but the virtualized server maxes out at fifteen signage feeds. People who already run virtualized servers tend towards that option whereas those who do not (or need many feeds) tend towards the physical server. Installation assistance is provided for those who purchase the virtualized server.

The hard part tends to happen once everything is up and running. What do you display, where do you put it? The answers to these questions are a bit harder to define and ultimately depend on your goals. I have seen numerous digital signs being used as outdoor advertisements informing people of sales, new products, time of day and temperature. I have also seen internal signs used at different companies to display hours of operations, corporate videos, upcoming events and even television programs. This is where the flexibility of design starts to shine; you can have several items displayed on one screen or you can have that same screen layout on multiple displays, you can also have multiple displays showing different content. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

It’s easy to see why digital signage has generated buzz across so many industries. We have seen deployments in museums for information on exhibits, interactive video walls at customer experience locations, even digital billboards are popping up. With such flexibility and so few barriers to entry it’s a great way to get an array of information to highly targeted groups both internally and externally. Head to our contact page and start a conversation; let’s work together to make digital signage work for you!