Video Walls

When I think of a video wall one of the first images that comes to mind is the Architect’s room in The Matrix: Reloaded. Each wall is covered in old, small, CRT displays with large bezels. While that wall works in the movie it’s not something you are likely to see in the real world. In reality video walls are made to be as seamless as possible so as not to disturb the image that is spread out across the screens. To achieve this seamless image, manufacturers have been consistently slimming the bezels of their displays.

A great looking, well designed video wall is a real head turner and can boost the hell out of your company’s image. Slim bezels are essential in making your video wall look like one large screen, but keep in mind, no matter how slim the bezel there will always be a gap for heating and cooling purposes. We recently partnered with Philips to provide customers with their commercial grade displays for video walls that feature a “zero bezel” design that leaves a miniscule 5.3mm space between screens. From a normal viewing distance the video walls built with Philips “zero bezel” displays look flawless.

Proper alignment of your displays in a video wall is every bit as important as the size of your screen’s bezel. We have come across lopsided displays and they are not only eye sores but they reflect poorly on the company as a whole. Our longtime partner Peerless (click the link to watch the video) offers an ingenious solution utilizing custom wall plate spacers that make layout and installation of video walls a breeze, both in the initial install as well as any subsequent service/adjustment. In all honesty I can’t imagine having to implement a video wall without their system.

Whatever idea you may have for a video wall, with a bit of guidance it can become a reality. Feel free to leave a comment about any video walls that stand out in your mind. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to see come to life head over to our contact page and shoot us a line, any of our experienced team members will be happy to answer your questions.