Why You Need a Systems Integrator

Let’s face it, AV and IT are converging but your average IT guy isn’t an AV pro. This may come as a surprise and you may start to wonder, “how come I can’t go to Best Buy and hang the TV myself?” The short answer is, you can; the right answer is, you shouldn’t. Why shouldn’t you?

Generally speaking, we get calls to come and upgrade or fix rooms in which someone decided, “let’s just hang a TV”. We’ll visit the room and the first thing we notice are cables, everywhere. The TV looks great don’t get me wrong, the way people connect to it on the other hand, not so much. So what do we do that is so different? First off, we don’t see the room as pieces of technology, we see an application and select technology accordingly: presentation, conferencing, training, etc.

Part two of our answer to, “why shouldn’t I DIY the technology at my office(s)?” pertains to available technology and capacity to deploy it. You’ve thought a lot about how you and your employees are going to use a given space and you’ve decided the room will be a mix of presentation and conferencing; perfect. Now where do you start? You’re probably thinking TV and a conference phone, which given the right room makes sense, but your room is 30’x15’ and neither the TV nor the conference phone are going to cut it. Now what, consumer technology is only going to get you so far and even if you do purchase equipment from an integrator it will take your IT staff weeks, if not months to get everything working the way it should.

To make a long story short, systems integrators specialize in deploying tailored solutions to make your communication and collaboration as smooth as possible. This is what we do. You wouldn’t have your financial analysts learn how to do your taxes and depending on your size you may already be outsourcing HR or Customer Support, why not trust professionals to bring your meeting spaces into the 21st century? Check out our case studies, learn about our included training and adoption program and see why Veraview is your go-to systems integrator.