Who Wants a Video Wall?

I’m sure you’ve seen them before, in certain cities it seems like they’re everywhere; no, not rats, I’m talking about video-walls. Just this past New Year I was in Montreal and came across an awesome installation outside of a museum. Not only do I see video walls in my leisure time, I see the video walls we install for our customers and it really is amazing what they can do. So, who wants a video-wall, and why?

Just about everyone wants a video wall and more often than not, some part of the desire stems from the undeniable “wow” factor associated with the technology. However, the “wow” factor alone won’t get your department head to approve the budget so there have to be other beneficial features. These features all depend on your application. Like the video wall I came across in Montreal, your video wall can be designed to promote a message in creative ways, ensuring maximum retention. Large scale, creative signage is a common application and is something we have helped companies implement in their main lobbies. A video wall designed as signage can be as complex as you like, from a single image spread across multiple screens to interactive, touch enabled displays that allow a passerby to access detailed directions or even pre-order food outside of your restaurant.
In addition to video-walls for signage purposes, Veraview has helped deploy command/control center video walls which provide an integrated view of any number of systems. More specifically we deployed a video wall in one of the data centers at a top 20 national bank where network traffic is monitored and servers are maintained. As individuals working at the center uncover pertinent information they have the ability to take control of the video wall and display their information for everyone to see. Employees may also display their local monitors on individual video wall screens to compare information in real time.
Video-walls have become more common as behind the scenes technology has enabled a wider range of applications. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and as new technology emerges, tried and true displays become more and more affordable making video walls a possibility for companies outside of the Fortune 500. If you didn’t want a video-wall before, I’ll bet you’re a lot more interested now and if you think a video-wall doesn’t fit your budget, give us a shout and you might be surprised. As always, feel free to comment with questions and share this post.