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Bring Your Own Meeting

There is a lot of buzz right now about BYOM and how it’s great that you can meet with anyone on any platform – just plug your laptop or tablet USB into the rooms USB peripherals. This is a true statement and technically this is the most flexible solution. You can choose from a wide array of cameras, microphones, all-in-ones, and other peripherals to build a solution that fits any scenarion. Veraview offers many systems and components from top manufacturers for BYOM rooms.

When implementing technology, you need to look at all of the factors relating to it. This includes acquisition cost, TCO, support, and in this case most importantly the user base. In our opinion, if you have a tech-savyvy group of users or are a small organization, BYOM may be for you. However if your users require assistance with things like setting up their email, adding a personal device to wi-fi , or adding a printer; they are also likely to require support to properly configure the external USB devices to work properly with their personal devices. Note that most reuired support for BYOM rooms will require a physical visit to the room or

Prior to and in addition to BYOM, most room collaboration solutions consisted of dedicated appliances and components which support remote management, monotoring, support and control.