Return to Workplace Guidance – Zoom

While users have become comfortable and proficient using Zoom on their personal devices (computers, laptops, phones, etc.), they are finding that the experience in a room setting is not as good or easy to manage. This gets more acute with larger and more complex rooms.Managing the conference, participants, sharing and other conference features while simultaneously […]

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Custom Microphone Rigging Fits Right In

Buffalo Manufacturing Works at the Workforce Training Center Veraview, LLC has recently completed its work on two phases of construction at the Northland Corridor Redevelopment Project. A major component of the project is 683 Northland Avenue in Buffalo, NY, anchored by the Workforce Training Center and Buffalo Manufacturing Works. The Workforce Training center, completed in

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Video Conferencing

Travel Everyone understands that travel is a part of business, right? It doesn’t always have to be. Since the dawn of the information age businesses have had technology available to significantly reduce travel. Video conferencing makes it easy to meet face-to-face with clients and employees without ever having to leave the office. The benefits are

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Now Trending: Education Technology

Millennials (and the children of millennials) have grown up with technology. Communicating digitally is very familiar to them- in fact, it’s preferred. Today’s college and K-12 educational systems are realizing that they need to adapt to their digitally-inclined audience. Digital Signage:One major trend that schools are adopting is digital signage. For an audience that communicates

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The Collaborative Work Space Experience

You’ve seen the invitations and we hope you’ve already registered but just in case you haven’t, we’ll give you one last chance. Veraview and Millington Lockwood have partnered to host the biggest open house of the spring, focused on “The Collaborative Work Space”. Our partnership couldn’t be more complimentary, Veraview specializes in collaborative technology and

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